The requirement for photos to be printed on canvas

Requirements for photos to be printed on canvas

 Digital format:

Format — jpeg, tiff

Recommended dimensions(cm):

30*40 — at least 900x1200rx;

40*60 — not less than 1200x1600rx;

50*70 — not less than 1500x2100px

100*150 — not less than 5900x8800rx

✅ Resolution-from 150 dpi

 Photo size-from 1 MB.

 Important: for printing on canvas, photos from digital SLR cameras are best suited, professional photography is best.

Photos from #social # networks on the Internet and from mobile phones are obtained #not # qualitatively due to their small size. The principle is the same everywhere — the better the quality of the photo, the better the product with its application turns out.

Where and how can I view the recommended dimensions and resolution?

Select a photo ➡ Right-click ➡ In the menu, select "Properties"➡ Go to the "Details" section.

Be sure to pay attention to:

a) the size of the image

b) the number of dots per inch.